I Am Also Smoke

Runo Lagomarsino
Installation view: Runo Lagomarsino, I Am Also Smoke. Foreground: Air d’exil (we smoke for the dead, we store for the dead, but they are not dead), 2019, 20 handblown glass globes containing smoke from Oscar, nano slim cigarettes, smoked by Yazan, placed on podium, glass globes: 10 x 20 x 100 cm, 
podium: 96.5 x 105.5 x 23 cm
Language is a companion of the empire, 2020, details
Language is a companion of the empire, 2020, iron, copper and 2 broken keys (one is labelled gold and one labelled land), 135 x 101 x 10 cm


One of the most difficult verbs is to relinquish. I had to look it up. It means ceasing to keep or claim, giving something or somebody up, renouncing.

In our refrigerator, the one I share with Runo Lagomarsino, there is a box, the size and shape of a matchbox, all white, inhabited by three dead ornamental fish. León, the son I have with Runo Lagomarsino, refuses to give their bodies any other destiny. They died on different dates, probably of different unknown causes, and one by one they ended up in the same cold and dry cardboard box.

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Tales from the Underworld, 2020, 49 white matchboxes with dead insects from the Ethnographical Museum in Berlin laid down on top of a piece of newspaper, 49 matchboxes, current installation: 25 cm center to center
Words which really were clouds (The Geography of Hunger), 2019-2020, burned parchment paper, 43 x 38.5 cm each


Yo tambien soy humo / I am also smoke, 2020, video, 3:16 min, still


I am also Smoke
Runo Lagomarsino
Galerie Nordenhake (Stockholm)

Tender Arrivals

Excerpt from “Tender Arrivals” by Amiri Baraka


—— Notes/diagram (Found Review)
—— Notes (Found Review)


Excerpt from:

Amiri Baraka, “Tender Arrivals”
S O S: POEMS 1961–2013, Ed. Paul Vangelisti
Grove Press, New York 2014

(Full poem on Poetry Foundation)