Chateaux n°8 2020

“she asked me if I thought “atlantean culture” was dead. I said it didn’t matter.”
“things I told the archaeologist: that I done never seen any cold white water, ever. / or winter fruit, ever. that there was language, yes, why not. one can suppose / that there was once a language. get yourself headhunted out there looking. / as they used to say, ‘the teeth of the shepardess is slick with them dialects’ / but it’s all mud up the dock where dead dialects, all-souled, sleep, dark as lilies is.”
Back cover.
CHATEAUX n°8 2020
16 pages (150 x 220 mm)
ISSN 2002-5173
With poetry by: Jackqueline Frost and Sulpicia, translations from English and Latin by Adam Westman and Polly Aaro Thörneby