Träda / Fallow

Åsa Elzen
“Transcript of a Fallow”, Appliqué, recycled textile, 470 x 600 cm, 2019. Transcript of the carpet “En Träda” (“A Fallow”), tapestry, wool, linen, 470 x 600 cm, 1919–1920. Commisioned by Elisabeth Tamm at Fogelstad, conceptualized/composed and weaved by Maja Fjaestad and Amelie Fjaestad.
A growing Archive on “A Fallow”. Left: Two sketches for the carpet “A Fallow” by Maja Faestad, 1919.
”Fogelstad Fågelstad Fågelsta Fågelholk Fågelbo”, Bird nest, wool, linen, artist’s correspondence (emails?) typed on original paper from Fogelstad in the 1920s. Åsa Elzén, 2019
Left: Three sculptures by Maren Holebakk (1909–1981) depicting Elisabeth Tamm (1880–1958) in unburned clay from the land by Fogelstad, size 10-17 cm, made approx. 1945. Right: “A step to the side” clay from the land by Fogelstad, by Åsa Elzén, May 2020.
“A growing archive about the Women’s Barn and Livestock School at Fogelstad” (“Ett växande arkiv över Kvinnliga Ladugårdsutbildningen vid Fogelstad”), work-in-progress, Åsa Elzén 2020–. Two articles by Elisabeth Tamm concerning the Women’s Barn and Livestock School at Fogelstad, published 1926 and 1934 in “Tidevarvet” (“The Epoch”), a weekly journal founded by the Fogelstad members and the Liberal Women’s National Association.
Installation view. Original carpet “En Träda” (“A Fallow”) to the left, Elzén’s “transcript” to the right.


Träda – Fogelstadgruppen och jord / Fallow
Åsa Elzén
Sörmlands Museum
30 May 2020 – 21 Jan 2021

Art, History, Form

“If only I could have made Helga Wisbeck the way Ada Nilsson actually was, it wouldn’t have been such a boring book.” – Elin Wägner (see below)


—— Notes (Found Review)


Artist Siri Derkert working on the public commission “Engravings in Concrete” (“Ristningar i betong” 1961-1965) by the tracks in subway station Östermalmstorg in Stockholm, 1962. The work includes the engraved names and faces of Ada Nilsson, Elin Wägner and other members of the Fogelstad group.


Ulrika Knutson
Kvinnor på gränsen till genombrott
Albert Bonniers förlag, Stockholm 2004