a Júlia Ayerbe

Júlia Ayerbe edits, curates and researches about books, exhibitions, and feminisms. With Laura Daviña and Marina Marchesan holds the publishing house Edições Aurora / Publication Studio SP. She currently studies a master’s degree at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid / Museo Reina Sofía.

bcdef Found Review

Helena Fernández-Cavada

Helena Fernández-Cavada draws every day in order to pose questions and play with them, a process that ranges from the questioning of established relationships to the contradiction as an attitude towards life.

g Johanna Gustafsson Fürst

Johanna Gustafsson Fürst is an artist that uses performance, texts, sculptures and site-specific installations to process how everyday life encounters political and social systems. Gustafsson Fürst is a senior lecturer in fine art at Konstfack in Stockholm. Recent exhibitions include Consonni (ES), Moderna Museet (Stockholm) and Kalmar Konsthall (SE).

hijkl Karl Lydén

Karl Lydén is the editor of Found Review. He writes art criticism for Kunstkritikk and other publications, and is currently working on his PhD Thesis in Philosophy at Södertörn University in Stockholm.

Marilia Loureiro

Marilia Loureiro is a curator interested in projects that give critical forms to the usual procedures of art. She is in charge of the programme of Casa do Povo, a cultural center in São Paulo that fosters processual artistic and socially engaged practices, in close relationship with its surrounding Bom Retiro neighborhood.

mnopqrstuvwxyz Carla Zaccagnini

– Guest Editor of “Winter/Verano 2018 Issue

Carla Zaccagnini is an artist and writer interested in how invisible forces become visible and the forms they assume when they do. Professor of Conceptual and Contextual Practices at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts.